Choose Red Star Inspections for your Annual Fire Extinguisher Inspection

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Fire extinguishers, and fire extinguisher inspections are imperative for protecting the lives of occupants in commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings by preventing catastrophic damage in the case of a fire emergency and preventing the loss of life.

Conducted on a yearly basis, fire extinguishers must have an external maintenance examination. Per NFPA 10, a full maintenance inspection must be performed every 12 months by a certified fire extinguisher inspector. Our team of NICET Certified professionals meticulously conduct annual testing, adhering to NFPA 10 guidelines, certifying the functionality and reliability of your fire extinguisher. Red Star Inspections has the ability to sell, inspect, and install any type of fire extinguisher.

Red Star Fire Extinguisher Services 

  • Illinois State Licensed Fire Extinguisher Inspections 
  • Selling, Replacing, and Providing New Fire Extinguishers 
  • Installation of the New Fire Extinguisher 
  • Customer Service Support 


Per state licenses, each fire extinguisher shall have a tag securely attached that indicates the inspection was performed. Upon inspection, the Illinois state tag will provide the following: month and year maintenance was performed, inspector performing the test, and name of the company.  

Red Star’s ultimate goal is to ensure that there is no expelling substance from the extinguisher and the external physical condition is in ideal condition, without fault. If an extinguisher does not pass the annual test, we will replace and install the new fire extinguisher efficiently and up to code.