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Fire alarm systems are crucial for ensuring the safety of occupants in commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings by detecting and alerting people to the presence of a fire or smoke.

Annual Fire Alarm Inspection

Prioritizing property safety is crucial. Annual fire alarm system inspections by Red Star Inspections ensure effective functioning, leaving no detail overlooked. Our thorough evaluations cover smoke detectors, heat sensors, control panels, pull stations, and alert devices. 

NFPA 72 Testing & Maintenance

To maintain compliance with safety regulations, we conduct annual testing and upkeep of fire alarm systems. Our skilled technicians follow strict protocols, which include examining alarm signals, testing detector sensitivity for smoke or heat, and verifying system component functionality. This commitment to testing and maintenance ensures your fire alarm system remains reliable. 

Emergency Repairs

Unforeseen system glitches or breakdowns can occur without warning, and in such instances, prompt action is critical. Red Star Inspections provides 24/7/365 emergency repair solutions for unforeseen system glitches or breakdowns in fire alarm systems. Our expert technicians react swiftly to ensure the ongoing safeguarding of your property and compliance with safety standards

Code Compliance

Red Star Inspections simplifies compliance with fire safety codes and regulations across local, state, and national levels. We offer expert support to ensure your fire alarm system meets all vital criteria, thanks to our up-to-date knowledge of current codes and regulations.

Our team of NICET certified professionals meticulously conduct annual testing, adhering to NFPA 72 guidelines, to certify the functionality and reliability of your fire alarm system.

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